Counselling Cell

The complexities of today’s world has emphasized that there is an urgent need of introducing and strengthening the counselling service in the schools and colleges of our country. Emotional, psychological and social well being helps one cope with challenges of life effectively. To ensure the mental health of the student teachers and community at large, the college has tied up with Disha-Child, Adolescent and Adult Counselling Center and established the College Mental Health Centre. Counselling CellEvery year this service is provided without any charges, where the students can meet with trained counselor and discuss personal or academic problems. It eases a lot of anxiety and stress and provides insights to solving personal problems. The students are encouraged to utilize the facility for their family members, relatives and friends too. In this way, the college accomplishes its responsibility to the students and community.
The Counselling sessions covers the following:
=> Career Counselling and Vocational Guidance
=> Counselling for Academic Difficulties and
=> Counselling for Personal Problems